The Hopper Mausoleum is a dramatic structure, designed in a seventeenth century Artisan Mannerist style, with a distinctive domed roof. It is listed Grade I and stands alongside St. Andrew’s Church, which is listed Grade II, on the top of Greymare Hill. The Mausoleum and Church are prominent within the landscape.

A six turbine wind farm was proposed, approximately one kilometre from the listed buildings and Tynedale Council as concerned about its impact on the setting of the listed buildings. Woodhall provided evidence at a Public Inquiry. The Inspector stated the two listed buildings were experienced over a wide area and the extensive views from the graveyard were material to the visitors’ experience. He concluded that, ‘The development would have a significant adverse impact on the setting of the listed buildings….’ but considered that this would be limited in extent and was outweighed by the benefits of providing renewable energy. As a result, planning permission was granted.

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