Lady Anne’s Hotel in Stamford, occupies three Grade II and II* listed buildings on High Street St Martin’s close to the town centre.  These buildings originated as eighteenth century houses and were extended, altered and (in the case of Nos. 37 and 38) combined to create larger houses during the nineteenth century.

Woodhall was appointed to prepare design proposals for the upgrade of the hotel.  The design philosophy was to preserve all those elements of the buildings that were of significance and, wherever possible, to undo the damage to the special interest of the buildings that had been caused by the sub-division of spaces during the late twentieth century. In addition to the internal alterations, permission was granted for the demolition of the twentieth century conservatory which is to be replaced by a new smaller structure with a pitched roof of Collyweston slates to reflect the form of the earlier glasshouse in this location.

Following the upgrading the name of the hotel was changed to the William Cecil Hotel.


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Lady Anne's Hotel


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