The parkland around the early eighteenth century house of Nostell Priory was redesigned between 1730 - 1820 with the creation of lakes and new lodges.  In 1776, Robert Adam designed an impressive gateway in the form of a pyramid with flanking screen walls.  A new boathouse was constructed at the bottom end of the lower lake in 1794 and the adjacent sheep bridge was built c.1822.  The Obelisk Lodge is listed Grade II* and the bridge and boathouse are listed Grade II.  The National Trust with the benefit of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, funded the urgent restoration work.

Woodhall was commissioned to specify the repair work and inspect the work on site.  The Obelisk had been subject to vandalism and as large areas of the stonework were heavily eroded a substantial amount of stone replacement was required.  Rusting of the cast iron railings on the bridge had caused substantial damage to the plinth stones and  therefore in addition to repair and restoration of the railings, a number of the plinth stones had to be replaced.  The boathouse was restored with new oak trusses and a stone slate roof.


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